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The Amazing Adventures of Wicked Willy and Fearless Steve

In this new adventure Wicked Willy and Fearless Steve take a trip to the seaside where they learn an important lesson - not to judge a book by it’s cover and how to make a new friend.

Not your average book...

It may look like another fantastically well-written and illustrated children's book...

...But underneath the surface this story is ready to burst into life, right before your very eyes!

Simply download the App and when you look at the book through the screen on your device, the hand-drawn illustrations will come to life! The book is transformed from black and white to vibrant colour, with sound effects too! All thanks to the wonders of Augmented Reality!

Download the App here...

The app used to bring this book to life uses a clever combination of animation mixed with augmented reality. To find out more visit the app creator:


A message from the Author...

Welcome to the Amazing Adventures of Wicked WIlly & Fearless Steve. Wicked Willy is a worm and his best friend Fearless Steve is a seven legged spider who lost a leg in a fight with a shrew.

Meet the characters...

Have a look at the characters from the book and see if you can choose your favourite...

Order your copy now...

The Amazing Adventures of Wicked Willy and Fearless Steve

Order your copy of The Amazing Adventures of Wicked Willy and Fearless Steve today. Don't forget to download the app so you are ready to experience their world when you receive the book!

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Where it all began...

You may be wondering how this book came about. How did it start out and what path it took on its journey from illustrated book to virtual reality animation. The images below show a few of the stages of development.

Wicked Willy and Fearless Steve Initial Sketch
Wicked Willy and Fearless Steve Animation Ideas

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